More about EZIClean


The story begins in 2009, when at only 23 years old, a young French entrepreneur starts developing his first Robot vacuum cleaner. In partnership with an industrialist specialized in electronics, the first functional model of the eziclean® brand will be commercialized in a few months.

In a fast-growing market with few players, eziclean®was spotted by French distributors and quickly became a key brand in robotics and, more generally, in small household appliances.

eziclean®has always been the French player specialising in the design and development of clever, easy-to-use products with a high technological value and performance that meet consumer expectations.

A daring challenge in the face of the giants of the sector, but one that, after 12 years of effort and supported by a multi-channel sales strategy, has enabled it to become one of the most popular and best-selling robot hoover brands in France.

In 2019, the company decided to offer more service, and added an extra year of commercial warranty included on all of its eziclean®brand products to further enhance the brand's expertise, quality and performance to the general public.

With this success story around Robots vacuum cleaners, eziclean® is now developing its know-how and innovating in the field of small household appliances dedicated to home maintenance with ranges of window cleaning robots, upright vacuum cleaners, bagless vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, etc.

In 2019, eziclean®is equipping all of the motors in its ranges with its new "MagnetiK™" technology, offering the promise of a tenfold increase in the power and suction performance of its products.

In 2020, eziclean® enters the 2.0 world with a range of Robots vacuum cleaners connected, embodying the latest navigation and interior mapping technologies.

eziclean®is present on all online and physical distribution networks. This is one of the factors that has made its reputation and credibility so strong today.
With the aim of always placing the consumer at the centre of its concerns, the brand is developing tools to guarantee a high-quality, responsive and human-sized French after-sales service.

In 2020, eziclean®is launching a unique and revolutionary concept for handling consumer requests. From a dedicated and secure online space (heading: Need help), each consumer can contact the brand and obtain a solution in less than 48 hours, and in 80% of cases immediately. An avant-garde method based on the brand's know-how in robotics, applied to the service of its customers in order to respond favourably to the growing demand for responsiveness from end users.

With its experienced and demanding staff, all united around a culture of agility and efficiency, but also imbued with strong values such as professional ethics, respect, positivism and surpassing oneself, the eziclean®brand is now expanding internationally and promises each year to offer ever more innovative and effective innovations for a spotless home.